Monitor and protect your oil and gas or industrial assets.

Site Security and Remote Viewing

  • Remote solutions for video surveillance (Thermal / Infrared / Night vision capable)
  • Instant call out directed to who ever (cell phone)
  • Recognition of animal’s vs people
  • Monthly rates for call out program
  • Redirect to Security side of HSI Group

HSI Security provides plant and facility security and surveillance solutions, including remote sites and locations.
Industrial locations such as oilfield sites, refineries, upgraders, plants, and facilities often require an added level of security and surveillance – not just for safety and loss control, but for manpower monitoring, project management, and more. With an HSI Security system you can monitor the health and safety of your plant or facility, regardless of where you are. Refer to your security system from your mobile device, desktop computer, laptop, or even your TV at home.
HSI Security offers a wide range of cameras and surveillance equipment for oilfield and industrial applications, and we can work with you to make sure you have the right system on the job. Monitor who comes and goes from the location during the day, and even watch the site after hours.

  • Real time notifications
  • From as simple as a gate sensor, to cameras with smart tracking and thermal imaging.
  • Fever detection systems
  • Medical grade temperature monitor

Monitor and protect your oil and gas or industrial assets.